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Tamrat Gezahegne

During the months of March, April and May the Ethiopian artist Tamrat Gezahegne was a visiting artist in the studio where I am a part-time member. It was inspiring to share the space with him, see his process and have thought provoking discussions during our lunch breaks.

Until Monday, May 21 Tamrat shows his work in the pop-up gallery he created in the corridor behind our studio, "rural-urban…


I'm working on a series of "tulpenvazen", stacked vases with small openings to put tulips in. It is said that they originated during the tulip hype in the 17th century. However, they date from the time of Willem III of Orange married to Mary Stuart (late 1600s), who introduced cut flowers to be displayed in stacked vases inside the house. She had these vases made by De Grieksche A, one of the many…

Platform Beroepskunstenaars Wageningen

In February I joined the Platform Beroepskunstenaars Wageningen,, an association of about 40 artists working in various media, including writers, poets, musicians and performers, in and around Wageningen.

Our upcoming exhibition, titled "I'm going on a trip and am taking with me...", will be in October.

Stay tuned!