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expositie 'Enkele reis Nergens?'

fotos expositie koffertjes

koffertjes expo

Het tweede weekend van de expositie "Enkele reis Nergens? ik ga op reis en neem mee.." is achter de rug. Veel werk om…

Platform Beroepskunstenaars Wageningen

line of people pulling suitcases
foto: Gelske Kwikkel

We zijn op weg! De groepstentoonstelling "Enkele reis Nergens? ik ga op reis en neem mee...: " van 23 leden van het Platform neemt vorm aan. De ludieke opening is op vrijdag 26 oktober…

artist residency PA-F, St Erme, France

images of the building

I spent three weeks in a wonderful artist residency, PA-F (Performing Arts Forum) in St. Erme. It's housed in an old girls' boarding school, until the 1960's run by nuns.

"PAF (from their website) is a place for the professional and not-yet professional practitioners…

Tamrat Gezahegne

During the months of March, April and May the Ethiopian artist Tamrat Gezahegne was a visiting artist in the studio where I am a part-time member. It was inspiring to share the space with him, see his process and have thought provoking discussions during our lunch breaks.

Until Monday, May 21 Tamrat shows his work in the pop-up gallery he created in the corridor behind our studio, "rural-urban…


series of tulip vases

Ik werk momenteel aan een serie tulpenvazen, met hedendaagse thema's die een "hype" of manie zijn, zoals de tulpenmanie in de Gouden Eeuw. De crypto-coins en de huizenmarkt zijn het begin, binnenkort volgt de "wiet"vaas.

De donkere vaas is een "verbloemvaas",…

Platform Beroepskunstenaars Wageningen

In February I joined the Platform Beroepskunstenaars Wageningen,, an association of about 40 artists working in various media, including writers, poets, musicians and performers, in and around Wageningen.

Our upcoming exhibition, titled "I'm going on a trip and am taking with me...", will be in October.

Stay tuned!

Culturele Ronde Wageningen 2017

I participated in the "Culturele Ronde 2017" in Wageningen. A friend let me set up in his beautiful space...had many, many visitors, interesting conversations... and was nominated for the Jury Award ;-)

Ik heb deelgenomen aan de Culturele ronde 2017 in Wageningen. Ik mocht een mooie ruimte kwamen veel bezoekers, inspirerende gesprekken...én genomineerd voor de Jury Prijs ;-)


artikel (t)huis in Stad Wageningen (krant)

picture of 2 man painting small houses and text

Article in "Stad Wageningen" describing my installation "(t)huis" that I made with immigrants of the naturalization course. In the installation decorated fired houses emerge from…


man showing ceramic tube

Michiel Overhoff holding restored part of "les anciens"

The movers damaged some of my ceramic art works. Fortunately I found a conservator in Amsterdam, Michiel Overhoff, who could use kintsugi,…

Culturele Ronde Wageningen

logo in pink

I am participating in the "Culturele Ronde Wageningen", the Open Studios Route in Wageningen, the Netherlands, on April 22 and 23, 2017. My studio/atelier will be open on both days from 11 am till 5 pm.