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blog - final entry

This will be the last entry on this blog.
Dymph has returned to the US, and I am traveling as well.
As I still have not figured out how to write the code so that you can click the image to enlarge it, these pictures are the best I can do.
On my Facebook page you can view them larger

December 28 - installing and our opening

hanging pictures on wallThis morning we installed our work...quite a few finishing touches were needed. We each have one half of the gallery space, which made it look very separate at first. But once we started to move pieces it really came together -…

December 27 - one last day to work!

person writing noteToday is the last day to work...we're feeling the pressure! It's good to know that this is it, finish the piece or discard it, no more searching for creative solutions. After lunch we started putting pieces in "the gallery", gradually cleaning up, making…

December 26 - back at Atelier H-ART

people in studioToday we're back in Atelier H-ART. Yesterday I worked in my studio at home finishing pages for the "very abridged Atlas of the Wageningse Berg". As we have had so little time, the whole project, including the exhibition, is like a "snapshot", showing ideas…

December 23 - the last day

peacocks-at dinner
Today is the last day at PA-F, we're sad we'll be leaving tomorrow.
We spent yesterday afternoon shooting footage for our videos, had great fun doing it and are happy with the result. We'll still need to edit much to do,…

December 21 - exploring the building


building exterior and interiorThis morning we continued working on images, experimenting with inks, clay slip, paints. I realize I didn't bring enough paper to work on. Fortunately I had brought a few extra paper bags for produce from the grocery store. It is the same…

December 20 - off to PA-F

in the studioAt Atelier H-ART

workspace Read more | Comments (0) | Dec 21, 2018

December 19 - in the studio

dymph and ray with found materials

Yesterday we spent the first full day in the studio. Before we got there we found nice stuff to work with...lots of roots and leaves. Dymph was extatic when she saw the old tarp. She knew right away how she was going to use it. She's such…

December 16 - exploring along the river

snow and mist in uiterwaarden

Dymph has arrived...and so has a dusting of snow last night. This morning it was misting, but not too cold so we went for a walk along the river. On the path we saw the first of a few fresh mole hills. Those first days in winter when it is misting…

December 15 - preparations

woman working in a studio

Today I began to prepare some materials that I may use when Dymph will be here.  Cutting cardboard in the corridor just outside the studio where we'll install our work; trying out some texture - a mix of wall paint and clay slip...we'll see if…