December 15 - preparations

woman working in a studio

Today I began to prepare some materials that I may use when Dymph will be here.  Cutting cardboard in the corridor just outside the studio where we'll install our work; trying out some texture - a mix of wall paint and clay slip...we'll see if it'll be used.

I also made klokbekers, tumblers (?) so named because upside-down they resemble church bells...On the Wageningse Berg there are several burial mounds dating from about 2500 BC (neolithicum) and 1500 BC (Bronze Age). The "bell-tumbler" people lived during the late Neolithicum, they buried the dead in a flat grave with a shallow mound on top. These tumblers were burial gifts together with other objects from regions far away. In one Wageningen mound amber buttons from the Baltic region were found. This means these people had contacts with many other peoples in an area as large as present Europe.

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