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building exterior and interiorThis morning we continued working on images, experimenting with inks, clay slip, paints. I realize I didn't bring enough paper to work on. Fortunately I had brought a few extra paper bags for produce from the grocery store. It is the same color as the cardboard I have been working with. After lunch, a delicious beet root salad prepared by Dymph, we went exploring and photographing the building. There are many interesting textures on the walls, interesting corners and attics. On our way I found some other discarded papers that I can use!

dymph and ray
Between the two of us we took about 450 pictures!!!!
interior of building
On a wall on one of the unfinished attics someone had written this poem:
     something walks
     each step resonates like a sonar
          perpetually sketching a new geometry
     and between them possibilities multiply
     until the gravity that draws the walking
     on towards an elsewhere reduces
          them to one alone