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person writing noteToday is the last day to work...we're feeling the pressure! It's good to know that this is it, finish the piece or discard it, no more searching for creative solutions. After lunch we started putting pieces in "the gallery", gradually cleaning up, making some final adjustments. We made a to-do-list: things to do in the gallery, the studio, things to bring or buy for the opening. It's exhausting but at the same time exciting.
There's quite some work-around for these blogs...without thinking it through I upgraded to the next OS [actually I was tired of seeing the reminder on my screen] but now my outdated version of PhotoShop doesn't work anymore. I'm not sure I want to "rent" the latest version and I don't have time now to research other options [I'm open to suggestions]. I need to put the images from my phone on my laptop, then on a stick and work on Dymph's laptop, then back on the stick to my own laptop for the blog...which I hope you enjoy reading.
Tomorrow there will be pictures of all our pieces! Stay tuned!
[the middle image is of one of Dymph's pieces]