articles by me

hanging pictures on wallThis morning we installed our work...quite a few finishing touches were needed. We each have one half of the gallery space, which made it look very separate at first. But once we started to move pieces it really came together - we didn't mix our work but the transitions from one body of work to the other became more smooth and pulled everything together.

The third picture is funny in that it looks like a lot of visitors came by to our studio is a mosque and as this was a Friday at about 1 pm it was prayer time!

people talkingThese are images from our talk at the opening. On the left is Dymph's work, very delicate and fragile pieces made of roots dipped in a mixture of thinned plaster, paint, with sand and glue, alluding to being uprooted by glaciers and being vulnarable. On the right in front is my work "profile", referencing the layers of soil that were  thrust up vertically by the glaciers. I limited myself to using cardboard and other found materials. In a few days I will post more pictures and descriptions of our work.

people at receptionThe opening was well-attended, we thank everybody for coming. Everyone had a good time!