Tamrat Gezahegne

During the months of March, April and May the Ethiopian artist Tamrat Gezahegne was a visiting artist in the studio where I am a part-time member. It was inspiring to share the space with him, see his process and have thought provoking discussions during our lunch breaks.

Until Monday, May 21 Tamrat shows his work in the pop-up gallery he created in the corridor behind our studio, "rural-urban coalescence". His work addresses the interaction and co-existence of indigenous cultures and the urban society, and often the lack thereof.
"How can the two worlds join forces to a common end, grow together to unite into a whole without losing their identity. These works have been made to remind us of the imbalance of life, where the absence of one makes the other incomplete...The works are created with forms that recollect the urban and the rural, with materials gathered from the forest, like branches, fungus, acorns and walnut shells, in addition with ply wood collected from the city, the use of a jig saw, a drill, and papier-mâché".

Tamrat's tentoonstelling "urban-rural coalescence" is nog tee zien t/m maandag 21 mei. Met zijn werk vraagt hij aandacht voor het erfgoed van de "indigenous people", die nog dicht bij de natuur leven en ermee in harmonie zijn. In de verstedelijkte maatschappij gaat dat contact vaak verloren. Vooral in zijn 3D stukken die aan de muur hangen combineert hij organische vormen en natuurlijke materialen, in het bos gevonden, met hoekige vormen en gefabriceerde materialen die hij in de stad vond. Een aanraader!!    

In het Schimmelpenninckgebouw (rechterzijkant), Nude 28 in Wageningen, Atelier H-ART.
Expositie open: van 11 tot 21 mei, elke maandag, dinsdag, woensdag en zaterdag van 11.00u tot 18.00u.     

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